Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day

Mallory Moorman



Ahhhh Sweetest Day.

A growing holiday that gives many something to just look forward to. One of the few days out of the year that everyone can show the ones who need it most, a little extra love.

In fact, Sweetest Day originated right here in Cleveland.  A guy name Herbert Birch Kingston, started this holiday in 1922 by giving candy from a candy store he worked at, and small gifts to the ones who needed it most. He wanted the less fortunate and forgettable to be brought a little more happiness. Now it involves people everywhere celebrating the people in their lives on every third Saturday of October, by giving anything from chocolate to jewelry.

Many celebrate this holiday with big gestures of love like proposing, while tons of others just do small things like go out for dinner. In a way it is celebrated just like Valentine’s Day.

Here at Lakewood High School we celebrate too. Each Friday before Sweetest Day students can buy carnations for just a dollar to give out to their friends or anyone else. Carnations are given out to the homeroom teachers who then deliver the flowers to students. It truly  spreads love and friendship in the school. Key club members and staff agree, “Carnations are a great way to celebrate.”

Not to mention carnations are also our state flower. The red carnation was chosen as a symbol of Ohio to honor President McKinley, who was an Ohioan. McKinley always worn a red carnation over the buttonhole of the lapel of his jacket. Sadly, in 1901 he was assassinated. Ohio kept his ways alive though, and made the carnation our state flower.

Hopefully throughout the years to come Sweetest Day traditions continue with love and friendship in the air.