Advanced Technology Can Be the Worlds New ¨Life Saver¨

Advanced Technology Can Be the Worlds New ¨Life Saver¨

Chloe Fielder

Living today in the 21st century, technology changed in so many ways. It developed so unique and so fast for society. Whether it is a computer, cell phone, or any other gadget device, they are to be updated in the best improved way for the world. There are so many significant uses for technology that helps an individual and the work environment.

One major thing to human society that changed over the years, are cars. Cars and driving have many safety risks against them along with the driver itself making poor choices. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is claimed that ¨everyday, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk- driving crashes.¨ Both Tom Udall and Rick Scott, who are senators in the United States agree to prevent drunk-driving.

How can drunk-driving be stopped by ¨technology?¨ This is the worlds new life saver, before anyone else in this case. To really stop a driver from getting in the vehicle drunk is not always the case. For newer cars in this scenario, is that the car itself will not let anyone drive over the legal blood-alcohol content level. This basically does not let the vehicle start and will just however, shut off. Some solutions and devices are located in the steering wheel and push-button ignition to correctly measure the blood-alcohol concentration.

From Reuters of this study say that ¨if the devices detect it´s too high¨ lights will shine to not drive anywhere. Cars created regarding this may also have monitors to check a drivers eye movement and breath. All of this can save many lives in the future of manufacturing cars.

Senator Udall claims, these new technologies in cars are undergoing testing. This moves onto a new legislation being called to be passed for factories to begin installing these life savers in every new car by the year of 2024. Not just these cars will be improving for beneficial factors, everything else will soon then be changed. Keep a look out in these next years on what will be on the road!