Opinion on Standardized Testing

Opinion on Standardized Testing

Cassidy Baldridge

It is that time of year when students are taking standardized tests again. All throughout high school we are told how important these tests are and how well we need to do to get into a good college. Students are taking the PSAT for the first time or perhaps the second time or retaking the ACT or SAT. If you do really well you can get a lot of money off the college of your choice.

All of these tests require so much of your focus and concentration for long periods of time. Of course the tests are broken up into different sections that are the different subjects. Each section is given a different amount of time to complete, but it makes it hard to focus and to do your best 100% of the time.

Some kids have a hard enough time concentrating and being able to do well on tests, so for this test score to have an affect this much on the type of college you want to go to is not fair. A student from Lakewood High school, Miabella Doerr, says, “It is hard to focus for the amount it takes to complete the test.”

These tests are also not entirely fair because some kids may not have the resources to study extensively or get a tutor where as another student could spend months with a tutor preparing for the test.

Thankfully colleges are starting to not require your test scores and not making your score the top priority and the ACT is now offering the ability to just re-take sections. You are scored on each section, so when you get your scores back and you see that you did more poorly on a subject, instead of re-taking the three-hour test, you can now just re-take the part you did not do well on.