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    Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix (pre-Holiday entertainment)


    The weather is cooling down fast and that means snuggling in a blanket while watching a movie. November has a whole list of television series and movies to get you ready for the holidays. Netflix has many options on its way that are like basically pre-Christmas entertainment. There are plenty of popular holiday films aired now, but more is what is needed. When December arrives, there will be a whole lot more to discover and watch.

    Throughout the whole month of November, Netflix will have new films arriving. Each day movies and TV shows will be released, along with Netflix items leaving. From reviewing what is planned to arrive at Netflix, here are some examples; Check out the whole list and date schedule on what to look for at – ¨Every new movie and show on Netflix: November 2019.¨

    Upcoming Netflix Originals & Films

    Green Eggs & Ham – From Netflix’s website, this series is about a mission road trip to save an endangered animal. The main characters that have been released are to build friendships and try new things such as “green eggs and ham.”

    Klaus – This film will be released on November 8, 2019, and is a cartoon animation as well. The story goes on as a postman not as popular or doing so well, however, he soon discovers something in the North.

    Nailed It! Holiday! (Season 2) – A holiday-themed baking show with three judges of cooks of America with not so great experience. This is definitely a bake-off competition show where a winner brings home $10,000 after three rounds.

    ¨I feel like it reminds people about the Christmas spirit and it gets everyone happy and their hopes up¨ says Joshua Dickerson, a student at Saint Ignatius High School.

    More shows and movies will arrive in December of course if a holiday “Christmas” type movie is what you are looking for. Keep an eye on Netflix throughout this time to get that holiday tradition to feel. The given series and movie are to share what is new and what could be released even better. It is never too early… grab a blanket, make yourself some hot chocolate, and grab the remote. Have a marathon of all the great Netflix entertainment while it lasts!

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