Lakewood High School Buddy Day Flaws

Lakewood High School Buddy Day Flaws

Kyle Ciresi

Buddy day is an event in which 8th graders come to the high school for a tour and a peek into the everyday life of a high schooler. However, there are many flaws in the system that I believe should be addressed.

Currently, there are a few requirements for buddy day. These include things like academic prowess, grade level, and whether or not you are in a music program.

This is where I believe the problems lie.

Similarly to the US economy, there is a top 1%, the students within the music program are excellent people and students; however, it does not give an accurate representation of the high school.

During my buddy day adventure back in 8th grade, I was paired with a senior who was taking all advanced courses and was at the highest level of our orchestral program. This honestly discouraged me in a way. It made me think that high school was going to be the hardest time of my life and that I would be constantly stressed about things. It didn’t help that my buddy wasn’t a talkative person.

My proposal for the buddy day program is to essentially have tryouts. we need to be able to find people who are, sociable, nice, honest, and average. I believe that this will allow the 8th graders to see a more accurate picture of the high school.

Buddy day is a very unique program to our school and I appreciate it greatly, With some improvements, the program could become great. It should inspire kids to learn as much as they can and explore all there options.