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    Bucci’s is an Italian restaurant located on Hilliard Road in Rocky River. The restaurant is owned by Lori Bucci, and she has been working there since the opening of the establishment 34 years ago. Bucci’s is known for its great food and great atmosphere. I would consider Bucci’s food as traditional Italian comfort food, there is a lot of cheese and a lot of sauce.

    The difference between Bucci’s and other Italian restaurants is the options and different combinations you can design as a customer. You can combine whatever noodles, sauces, and meats as you want. At Bucci’s, they encourage variety and creativity by the customer. Bucci’s also serves kids size portions, delicious pizza’s, and desserts that will amaze you. Their most popular dessert is an item called Canolies. Bucci’s takes a homemade canolie filling, stuff the shell to the brim, and tops it all with powdered sugar and whipped cream.

    With all of these options for quality food, it’s no surprise that Bucci’s was voted for the best Italian restaurant in north-east Ohio. “Great food, great people. Bucci’s prides themselves on great costumer service,” said Ryan Britt, a student at Lakewood High school, and regular at Bucci’s. Bucci’s is a great restaurant that is worth trying.

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