Entertain Yourself Throughout the Month of November

Entertain Yourself Throughout the Month of November

Chloe Fielder

October is over and November is finally here! This means that the year is moving on and progressing to an end. Some might ask what can entertain them during the month of November before Thanksgiving? There are plenty of fun things to do before the annual feast on November 28th, 2019.

Make your home cozy and welcoming –

Gather simple decorations to make your home feel like the ending of fall. Consider planning to host a friends giving at your home too! Cleaning your house such as finding clothing items for the winter. With the weather getting colder, feel the need to donate old warm layers for others. Lakewood can get serious winter weather conditions, and it is best to prepare before it all begins.

Register for a Turkey Trot –

Start training throughout your November weeks to run a Thanksgiving race of your choice. This benefits you in health and conditioning if you decide to run a race. Of the Cleveland area there are some popular races in the morning of Thanksgiving Day. The annual Turkey Trot of Cleveland, Ohio can be registered now for a mile or 5k run/walk. Another Thanksgiving race option is the Nakon Foundation Turkey Dash in Avon, Ohio. This race also has the same options as the Turkey Trot race. Start preparing and register before your big feast. ¨I think that it is a good tradition and is a lot of fun to race to run with your family and friends. ¨ says Owen Gerba a student at Saint Ignatius High School.

Begin Your Holiday Gift Shopping – 

December is known to be quite chaos when it comes to gift shopping. November can be a perfect time to get the shopping done along with storing your gifts. As November is about thankfulness, that is a bigger role play. Make a list of the many great things that are appreciated and thanked for in your life. This could be something in mind to share at Thanksgiving.

Plan a PERFECT November Day – 

Enjoy a perfect chilly weather day to go on a hike in the Metro Parks. Packing a warm drink along will make you and the fall scenery enjoyable. Volunteer for organizations open or to anything to help people in need at this time. Finish the evening with baking cookies and sipping hot chocolate while binge watching holiday or Thanksgiving themed movies. Make this November a time to remember, Happy November!