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    Appreciation Week


    Appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Sometimes life is going so fast that it is hard to take a step back and realize the people and things in life that we appreciate most.

    It could be a teacher that always brightens your day, a friend that is always there for you, or just someone who makes you feel welcomed. Whether it is that teacher, friend, or someone you don’t really even know well, it is still nice to recognize all they do for you. This could make them feel good as well, knowing they are spreading goodness.

    Here at Lakewood High School we made a week out of it. During our homeroom, teachers handed out cards to each student. On this card they could right down someone they appreciate, and thank them for all they do. If one chose to do the card, the homeroom teacher then collected the cards and delivered them to whom they were addressed.

    Junior Sean Teets sent one out to a peer. He thanked him for being one incredible friend and student, and for being part of his daily life. Teacher Mrs. Thompson said, she is “glad the school is doing this. It is nice to slow down for a second and realize all you have around you to be appreciative of.”

    Overall, appreciation week is something to add to Lakewood High School’s many wonderful qualities. Hopefully it will stick around for years to come.


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