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    Review of Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Review of Luigis Mansion 3

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a very solid game. I got it on October 31, the day of its release. It is very reminiscent of the original game for the Gamecube.

    I personally really liked the game, I already got through the entire story mode. It is a hard game to put down; the puzzles are challenging and engaging.  The game has an intermediate difficulty level being that it entrances you if you’re stuck.

    “I haven’t played it a lot, but it seems to be a great game and an improvement from the first two versions,” says Alex Ehase.

    The game takes place in a haunted hotel. The story goes that Luigi and his friends (Mario, Princess Peach, and a few toads) were invited to stay at a very magnificent hotel and have it all to themselves. When they go to bed at night, that is when things take a turn for the worse. Luigi’s friends became trapped in paintings, like the previous games. Luigi has his Poltergust and his ghost dog to help save his friends.

    There is a new mini-game mode called ScreamPark. There are only a few games, but they are all fun.

    Luigi has a few abilities. One is the dark light, which allows him to take things out of certain paintings and reveal hidden objects. Another is the regular light, it stuns the ghosts so he can vacuum them up, and it allows some buttons to activate. Then he has the normal sucking and blowing with the Poltergust. Then there is the boost type ting that allows him to destroy certain things. The final ability is the plunger throw. He can use it to get things out of his way or destroy them.

    Gooigi is partly an ability, but he also acts as player two. He can slip through almost any place, but he is vulnerable to water. This is also how multiplayer is possible, which is a nice addition to the game. The other games were always single player.

    Each floor has coins on it and its own signature shaped gem. There are six hidden gems on each floor, all different colors.

    Overall, I really enjoy the game. I definitely recommend buying it, especially if you liked the original one.


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