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    Should State Testing Identify Graduation?


    The 2019-2020 is progressing by fast and many students are choosing their future paths. Whether students choose college or no college, high schools make it a requirement to take a form of state test for graduation. Should this be a necessity for all high school students?

    Depending on your state and school district curriculum for education, there most likely some type of graduation test for students. Here in Lakewood, Ohio, we have the AIR standardized tests which students take online. A minimum of eighteen points must be added together after all AIR tests are completed. The AIR standardized test has been approved after many test type changes by the state of Ohio. This test should not determine if a student is eligible to graduate high school.

    State testing does not identify a students intelligence. Maxwell Sfeir was interviewed by myself in what he agrees with this idea. He is a junior and attends Saint Ignatius High School. He disagrees with the factor of state testing.

    ¨How do you feel about state tests planning a students graduation?¨

    Max responds strongly with, ¨I believe that state tests are not a perfect gage of measuring students intelligence, ability to absorb ….¨

    ¨If state testing was not the case, what should a student do in order to graduate?¨

    ¨You should be able to pick what test to take in high school and a passing GPA (grade point average) and the required amount of class credits,¨ Max claims.

    Therefore, students should not stress over any state test when it does not even determine college. For the Lakewood City School District, early young grade levels start taking the AIR tests, which may be a strong disadvantage. Their future is either college or something else, and schools should do training for that. The focus should nearly be on what a student wants to after their school career, not having a state test stopping them.

    For all students that feel strong about that high school students should not have a test identify anything, stay strong about this opinion! Now, that nothing has changed or may never will, good luck with taking all state assessments!


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