Can the Cavaliers make the Playoffs?

Can the Cavaliers make the Playoffs?

Alexander Schulz

The Cleveland Cavaliers had an okay start in this years NBA season. Right now the team from Cleveland has two wins and five losses. The game that started the season for the Cavaliers was against the Orlando Magic. Sadly the Cavaliers lost against the Magic.

The second game of the season against the Pacers was a win for the Cavaliers. Then they lost against the Bucks in Milwaukee.  Next game against the Bulls was a win for the Cavs again. Since that win the Cavaliers are now  on a three game losing streak.

But the season just started and the Cavs have to play 75 more games till this season is over. The question is now: can the Cavs make the Playoffs? Last year the Cleveland NFL team, the Browns couln’t make the Playoffs and the Cavs didn’t do it either.

So Cleveland and the suburbs around it are praying that at least one team of theirs can make the playoffs. I asked a local Lakewood High School Student, Zaid Shean what he thinks of the Cavs making the Playoffs.

His answer was ” I actually don’t think that they can do it this year. They haven’t made any trades that would really help them to make the Playoffs. Of course I hope that they do but we’ll have to see.”

Right now it’s not really possible to be able to tell if the cavs could make the playoffs; it’s too early. The Cavs do have an  average performing team right now, so with a little bit of luck, we may see them in the Playoffs this again.