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    Lakewood Closing Business Trend


    Lakewood, Ohio seems to be going through a complete overhaul of stores and locations to make it more appealing for people looking for new places to live. I believe that it started with the Burger King located on Detroit avenue. They took an old, dated store with little business, and turned it into a modern era Starbucks.

    This attracted more people, especially teens and young adults, into a store that had previously had little business. The next business to go was the Bob Evans, also located on Detroit avenue. The popular chicken fast food chain Cane’s took its place. Since it’s opening, Cane’s has been bustling with activity.

    According to Ryan Britt, an employee at the establishment, said that they have had way more business than previously expected. “Our projected income was blown out of the water.”  With Detroit being the main road in the city, it is a prime spot to open up a business. The most recent place to have closed down and is currently in the process of being replaced is Munchies’s, located directly across the street of the now Starbucks on Detroit Avenue.

    Nobody knows for sure what is going to be placed in that lot, but one could assume that it will be a food establishment. With all of these businesses shutting down and being replaced, it seems apparent that the city is trying to boost the prices of housing by making the city more lively.

    They even closed down the hospital in order to put a mall in its place, and guess where the hospital was. Detroit Avenue. If this is in fact the city’s mission, the city will become more expensive overall. But hey, at least it will be fun.

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