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    Riley Ulintz

    Riley Ulintz

    Riley Ulintz is a sophomore here at Lakewood High School. Basketball has always been his favorite thing to do ever since he was a kid. Whether it was in the backyard or out on the court. Currently as a sophomore, he plays varsity basketball for Lakewood High school. That is a hard thing to do, and his journey is inspiring.

    Q: When Did Your start playing basketball?

    A: As long as I can remember. I remember first picking up a basketball right around first grade.

    Q: What separated basketball from all the other sport options? 

    A: In basketball, if I make a mistake, I can immediately make up for it on the other side of the floor. I love how the pace of the game is so fast.

    Q: Has height been a problem with you being able to get it done on the court?

    A: Yeah, but, it has almost helped me in a way. It made me work harder than all the other people to develop my skill set.

    Q: How is the environment playing for Lakewood’s team?

    A: Honestly, its great. Everyone on the team does everything they can to make sure their teammates are alright. When I’m feeling down, they build me up and inspire me to work harder.

    Q: Do you feel like you have found where you truly belong?

    A: Yes, throughout my life basketball has brought me the most joy. The minute I touched a ball I fell in love. I may not be the tallest or the most athletic, but I do feel like I truly belong.

    Riley has been able to find what a lot of people haven’t, an activity that brings out his inner drive.  There is a reason his hands touched a basketball. Not only to have fun, but to discover his true identity



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