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    LHS’ Film Club

    LHS Film Club

    The Lakewood High School has a large selection of different clubs you can go to. Every year the school gets new clubs. Some clubs are made by students, others are made by teachers.  The Film Club is one of the new clubs at Lakewood High School this year. The teacher in charge of the club is Mr. Lobozzo. The club has it’s meetings once a month, the last meeting was on the 20th of November.

    It’s unclear at this point if there is a meeting before the Christmas break but you can get that information later directly from Mr. Lobozzo if you ask him. The club averages 10-15 visitors every month but new people are always welcome.

    The club is very organized and the films they show are very interesting. After the film is over, you can discuss the film and get facts to the movie from Mr. Lobozzo and the “leaders” of the club. Mr. Lobozzo is really happy with his leaders of the club. He said, “The club leaders are great and I really like working with them as much as I can during the Club meetings. They are really nice people. I’m happy to have them helping me.”

    So if you want to see a good film and want to get extra facts to the film after then the film club is definitely the right club to go for you. Everyone is always welcome. The meetings take normally 2 or 3 hours, depending on the film and the input from the students. Mr. Lobozzo is a very nice teacher. So the club is definitely worth checking out.

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