Light Up Lakewood

Light Up Lakewood

Caden Stanuch

Light Up Lakewood is an event held by the city of Lakewood, located in Ohio. It is an event held by the city on the main road and epicenter of Lakewood. The city closes off the roads, and the streets are filled with food trucks, entertainment, Christmas lights, and fireworks. The objective of the event is to bring the city together for some family fun and grow our communities connection with one another.

Light Up Lakewood is just around the corner. The date planned for the event is December 7, a mere two and a half weeks away. Light Up Lakewood is a very fun event, and here are some things that you should expect from it. The first thing that you should expect is a ton of food. Food trucks and venues are held all up and down the street.

Combine with the restaurants already located on the street, and there are no shortages of possibilities. Something else that you should expect is traffic. There are a very large amount of people walking the street, and some people walk faster than others.

Full-time resident of Lakewood, Aidan Erway, said, “If you get upset easily by traffic, this may not be the best event for you.” The final given that you must prepare for is the weather. We are no strangers to the cold this far north. And with it being in December, you can be certain that it won’t be the warmest weather you have ever experienced. If you follow these three things, I can assure you that you will have a great time.