Newsflash! For Lakewood and Nationwide Students:

Newsflash! For Lakewood and Nationwide Students:

Chloe Fielder

December 14, 2019, is an important special day for students that have signed up for the ACT or the SAT. The ACT and SAT are standardized tests for college admissions, that can be retaken for improvements. The SAT test scale is based on a 400 – 1600 range while the ACT is a reach of 36 points. Depending on what college or plan you have upon these tests, the scores do matter for that reason.

For students that have signed up to take either test on December 14th, it may be something new or old. When signing up for your test, you chose your location where you would like to take your test. A high percentage of students at Lakewood High School are taking it at Lakewood. Other testing locations (schools) are open for open available guaranteed seats.

As of some sort of guidance, students should, of course, do the best that they can. On your ACT/SAT paper receipts, a reporting time should be given to you. Pay attention to this time because as a test-taker on this day, the reporting time is very important. The dismissal times for students will be different for the purpose of the optional writing essay portion.

“I am taking the ACT next week, {December 14th, 2019} and I am quite nervous because I am not sure what college I want to attend yet” claims Owen Gerba, a junior at Saint Ignatius High School.

A response to this could be that all students should just try their best and see their final results. When reviewing your results, determine whether you need improvement on the particular test or just your GPA. Your grades in school will play a big role in college admission besides the test itself.

After the standardized exams on December 14th, students may decide to sign up for another test throughout the rest of the school year. Ask your school counselor or anyone to help guide you through these processes. Wish of good luck it given to all students taking the ACT or SAT on Saturday, December 14, 2019. Remember to do the best that you can and report to your test on time!