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    Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

    Black Friday use to be the biggest shopping day of the year. The deals in stores were unbeatable that no one would miss going out after the holiday. This year though black Fridays turn out was not as big as previous years. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, broke records.

    In previous years ordering online was just an alternative to if in store shopping could not be done. Not so much this year. With technology becoming more and more apparent  in everyone’s lives it was no surprise when Cyber Monday of 2019 set records for online sales. An estimated 9.4 billion dollars were spent. Most of these sale, which may come as unsurprising, were via smartphones.

    The world knows smartphones and technology are shaping the life we live today, but who knew it would change traditions like Black Friday, the now second biggest shopping day of the year.

    I talked with teachers like Mrs. O’Boyle and Mrs. Thompson. They shared similar and different feelings when it comes to this topic. They both shared that online shopping is just easier and you can find things that may not be in store. They also shared that although online shopping is great, shopping in store will always be an experience you can not get through a screen.

    Although there are many differing opinions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Nothing  can object to the fact that Cyber Monday changed the game of shopping this year.






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