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    An Earlier Graduation


    Some students think about graduating early. But for some students it’s hard to decide if they really want to risk it or not. In my opinion graduating early definitely makes sense for some people. One big pro is that you can earn money earlier than people who graduate after their senior year.

    Some people think that high school classes are just boring and not interesting at all. College classes are mostly more interesting and most of the time not that boring, so for the people who are just bored and don’t really participate in high school classes anymore,  you can graduate early and choose more interesting college classes and can actually learn something.

    The students should really think about it before they do it tho, college classes can be very challenging. According to, a pro against high school too, is that you don’t necessarily have to get up very early in the morning, you can choose college classes that start later in the day.

    I asked Lakewood High School student Ryan Sheppard what he thinks about graduating early. He said, “I think it really makes sense for some people. I didn’t do it because I think that graduating early and going to college is very stressful and you don’t really have free time anymore. So I chose to have less stress and more free time for me.”

    It might be a great success or it might be a major failure, but the only way to find out is to try it.

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