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    Eli Ladue

    Eli Ladue

    After a long tournament, the Lakewood Rangers lost in the semi-finals by a coin toss deciding which team would go to face North Olmsted in the championship game.  When I talked to Eli Ladue the upcoming star on Lakewood’s team I got his input on the team.  Here is what he had to say about the hockey team.

    Q: How is this season going so far?

    A: “So far we have had a really great start to our season but we need to allow fewer goals as a team.  We can outscore every team in the league but we need to keep the goals scored on us lower to be able to keep up the winning”

    Q: What is your goal for the year

    A: “My goal is to really make a run at the end of the season and in the playoffs.  We have a great team this year and can hopefully win another division title for our school.”

    Q: How have you improved as the season has gone on?

    A: “Once I got adjusted to the speed of high school hockey it was a fairly easy adjustment.  The teams we play have some big guys but that doesn’t stop me from helping our team win and contribute to our success.”

    Q: How do you prepare for a big game?

    A: “I always get hyped up and just go have fun with the team before the game to try and just be calm but not too serious.”

    Q: If someone wants to join the team what should they do?

    A: “Anyone who wants to join can talk to any of the players or even coach Furf.  We are always looking for new talent even if you have never played before we can always use more people.”

    Q: What is one thing as an individual player you want to improve on?

    A: “The one thing I really want to improve on is getting everyone involved since we have such a big team this year I really want to try and get a lot of different people goals.”

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