Lakewood High Needs To Add More Sports

Lakewood High Needs To Add More Sports

Chloe Fielder

Lakewood High School already has a list of sports to join throughout your high school career. However, there are a variety of sports that are not present. To make these sports possible on the field or courts, it will take a lot of money and people to support. As it has been all over the news recently at ¨Lakewood High School,¨ a girls’ lacrosse club team is available to sign up for. This is definitely not it, because we need to add more sports into our school and for our students to try out!

Boys’ Lacrosse – With girls having an option of joining a lacrosse club team, it is a fantastic idea. This club team in a few years, should become an actual designated sport. However boys at Lakewood that are interested in playing lacrosse, should have a team to play for too.

Boys’ Rugby – There is also a girls rugby team here at Lakewood. Boys that would consider and enjoy playing rugby need the option to sign up to play for team as well.

“I agree that our school should have more sports, it can be beneficial by allowing more people to play sports they enjoy,” claims a fellow student at Lakewood, Elizabeth Bour.

Field Hockey – Ice hockey is a popular entertaining sport for everyone. Field hockey, which is quite different than ice hockey can give a better opportunity to people who do not know how to skate. This can be more an option for girls who interested in ¨hockey.¨

Dance Team (for actual competition) – Cheer leading and Rangerette related sports are significant to our school, but students that want to dance for competition is a huge deal! Students that would consider this for the school would not to pay as much dance tuition such as DanceLakewood, on Madison Avenue.

Crew ; rowing – This sport is known to be very limited among schools. (it is mostly in private schools) Crew would be a pretty interesting sport for students at Lakewood High and can get students in the best shape ; heard from people who row. Crew might be a tough one as it can be expensive overall, but it is definitely something to think about!

All these sports that Lakewood does not yet have already would make the athletic department have much more opportunities. This may possibly bring in more students into doing extracurricular activities.