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    What’s Lost Can Be Found

    Whats Lost Can Be Found

    The second Friday of December is national Lost and Found Day and that falls on today, December 13th, 2019. Although it seems ridiculous, it’s something to pay attention to. Throughout the world, people are leaving things behind. Adults and children alike drop or misplace items (valuable and not) and never look back for them.

    The majority of schools have adopted the classic Lost and Found collection in their office, placing returned lost things in hope people will go back and find them. Nine out of ten times, they’re never grabbed. This forces schools to throw away or donate what could’ve been precious to someone.

    Before it’s thrown out, the collection grows to an astronomical amount of access stuff. Boxes upon boxes, piles upon piles. Even though things pile up, there is still hope for someone who has lost something to find it, that is if someone brought it to the lost and found.

    They are important to have in places like stores and schools because things can get lost easily. However, not many stores have a lost and found. It is uncommon to see one in a business. It’s the hope of national Lost and Found day that, not only do people go back and look for what they lost, but people do what they can to give back to people wat they have lost.

    “I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve lost over the years,” Kegan Weber says. “I just wish I had gone back and looked for it; I’d be so much better off.” So remember to retrace your steps and take a look in the Lost and Found at your school to see that, even though it may seem hopeless and unable to find, what you held dear can be found again.

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