High School Stress Levels

High School Stress Levels

Caden Stanuch

Everybody has stressful periods in their life. There are always times where people can feel overwhelmed and not know what to do in a given situation. But, a major thing that motivates people to get through stressful situations is that those situations eventually end. Adults will be stressed during tax time but once its over they know they will be okay.

But, for a high school, it seems that the stress never ends. Students in high school are constantly nervous about their grades, believing that if they don’t do good in school they won’t have a good life. This puts stakes very high for students, causing them to feel pressured and weighed down in school.

It is normal for me to walk down the halls and see someone crying because they can’t take all the pressure. Students consistently don’t get enough sleep because they are trying to study or get their work done, and it isn’t healthy. According to thehill.com, 83 percent of students are stressed over their grades and getting into a good college. That is an insanely high percentage, and it is important that we fix it.

I believe that eliminating of minimizing homework and consistently scheduling tests on the same day every week will make a student feel that they have their life in order and they won’t feel rushed.

Aidan Erway, a student at Lakewood high, was asked if he thinks that homework contributes to the stress level of students. His response was, “I believe that it greatly increases a students stress level. You are supposed to leave your work at work, but schools are making us take it home.” It is important that we fix this growing epidemic. Students mental health is at risk, and we need to fix it now before it’s too late.