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    The New and Improved Airpods


    It’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas has stepped up to the plate. People all over have officially started their gift shopping and stocking up on holiday foods to prepare for the big day, and many businesses have started early. With new toys and clothing trends being created each year, the demand for better and more expensive gifts rises from people of all ages.

    Whether it’s the new barbie dream house or a new pair of extremely ripped jeans, someone is asking for that item for Christmas. But recently there has been a buzz in the air about one of Apple’s newer products. Among the new iPhone 11, and the Series 5 Apple Watch, there has been the long-awaited release of the new and improved Airpods Pro.

    These brand new Airpods were announced on October 28th, 2019 and released two days later on the 30th. These new headphones have been given better audio and sensory technology along with a compact and sleek design. For further detail, the headphones have a new mode of Active Noise Cancellation that can be turned on at any time to completely block out surrounding and distracting sounds and the Adaptive EQ feature allows the earbud to shape and change the frequencies and dynamic range of the sound being sent through your ear to something that better suits your hearing.

    And of course, the headphones are waterproof and still contain transparency mode, this allows you to let in outside noise from around you so you can stay aware. Now with all of these new technological advancements, there is a catch. The price. The Apple Airpods Pro will retail at $249.00 according to Apple’s website. That’s a lot of Christmas money.

    In conclusion, the new Airpods have their pros and cons. Pros being the new adaptive feature and improved sound quality, cons being the price and the actual device becoming smaller and easier to lose.

    I asked a friend of mine Gia Frankito what her thoughts where on the earbuds, “I personally think that they are not the most practical purchase considering they just released the first Airpods, but some people might like them.”, now with that, I would have to agree. How do you feel about the new Airpods?

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