Alexander Schulz

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons are main rivals in the Eastern Conference. This week the Cavs and the Pistons play back to back games against each other.

On Tuesday the Detroit Pistons could win the first game of the 2 games they are going to play this week. The Game was very close. The Cleveland Cavaliers had the lead for the first three quarters by up to 20 points. In the 4 quarter they started to loose focus and the Detroit Pistons used that for their advantage.

The Pistons scored 13 points more in the 4 quarter than the Cavs did. In the end the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the lead they had for almost the whole game and the game that almost looked like an easy win for the Cavaliers. Kevin Love tried to carry his team as good as possible and scored 30 Points on Tuesday night.

Collin Sexton did pretty good too and scored 20 points. But in the end they could not make a difference. Andre Drummond and the Detroit Pistons managed to keep their focus in the 4 quarter. He scored 23 Points and got 20 rebounds.

The Ex-Cavalier, Derrick Rose scored 24 points this night for the Pistons. In the end the Detroit Pistons won the game by 2 points. After that game the Cleveland Cavaliers have 27 losses and only 10 wins. The Detroit Pistons have 14 wins and 24 losses.

After the game I asked some people in the stadium what they think about the very close loss. On person said, ” I really thought we would win the game. I’m a bit sad about the close loss but we will get them in the next game!”