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    Ella Chanter

    Ella Chanter

    As the second semester of the year begins, it is becoming a busy time for our high school seniors, including Ella Chanter. An enthusiastic member of choir, orchestra, the marching band, and the cross country team, she has a lot going for her in terms of her high school career. I sat down with her to ask about some of her future goals as this era of her life draws to a close.

    What is your top choice for college?

    Ohio University, and I have committed to them already.

    What will your major be, if decided?

    Nursing. I want to get a doctorate in nursing with a primary focus in psychology. Although I would consider pursuing this career by opening my own private practice, I mostly see myself in a psychological word as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. 

    What do you most look for in a college?

    The substance that the program provides and the price of the school are very important to me. Ohio University is best for me because I got a chance to “shadow” a nursing student there, and meeting the professors, and getting a feel of the program was such a great experience. A lot of my family is alumni from there, as well.

    What is your advice to underclassmen who are searching for colleges?

    Just do it. I procrastinated so long because I was nervous, but it was so enjoyable when I went to visit colleges and did my research on the schools I was interested in. It’s actually a fun process!

    What will you miss most about high school?

    I will miss all of my friends a lot.

    Are you excited to leave? Why or why not?

    Yes; I think I need a break from Lakewood. Athens is a really cute town with a different vibe that I’m excited to immerse myself in.

    What are you looking forward to during your last semester of high school?

    I am most looking forward to prom–I can’t wait to see everyone dressed up at the Botanical Gardens!

    How do you plan on staying connected with high school friends while in college?

    I’m too close with all of them currently and don’t want to eventually lose touch, so I am certainly going to visit them at their own colleges. I want to take a road trip to see them at some point, from Chicago to New York.

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