The Life at Lakewood High Currently

The Life at Lakewood High Currently

Chloe Fielder

The New Year begins strong and positive at Lakewood High School. Walking around as a student or as a staff member, everyday there is always something new to discover. Academics, sports, and the school environment is ready to take on the second semester at Lakewood High School. Life here at Lakewood High, isn’t just high school, it’s an experience. An experience for every single person that walks in and out the doors.

Winter sports are progressing to success as Spring sports will be here very soon. The varsity hockey, swimming/diving, basketball, wrestling, and many other sports have proved so much this year. Other athletic opportunities can be offered this Spring if you are interested. You may check out the Lakewood High School Athletics online, and view future rosters of sports coming soon.

Girls softball, boys baseball, boys tennis, and outdoor track are all on the market to give a try at Lakewood! As a student, pay attention to announcements where you can attend meetings and sign up if you show interest.

Lakewood High School is opening opportunities for lower class men before they become upperclassmen. From the week of January 6th to the 10th, students were able to get an idea of Westshore Programs to join or think about. Some programs include nursing, engineering, electronics, and culinary.

“I’m a sophomore and it’s been pretty cool so far. I’m already thinking of what West shore programs I want to do for next year,” says Taylor Fisher a student at Lakewood High School.

First semester ended not long ago and grades were finalized, including midterm exams. Students are able to view their grades and success from first and second quarter. This can give a guide to what can be improved now, which is the start of second semester. (third and fourth quarter future)

Second semester will fly by fast and tons of things are to be done in this short time. Students are prepping for the AIR tests if they need to take any. More SAT and ACT testing dates coming throughout the summer. Stay tuned to a particular testing day.

Lakewood High School is ready for this semester and 2020 year. The yearbook of course will have much memories and laughs. What needs to be done first things first is for everyone to have a positive mindset and put out the best effort.