H2O leaders nail the first HOME ALONE event

Johana Guci

HOME ALONE’s first event took place on the evening of January 15th at Garfield Middle School, and it was an absolute success. Many Lakewood families participated in this program and were very satisfied with the conclusion.

But first of all, what is HOME ALONE?

HOME ALONE is a peer-to-peer mentorship project, where high school leaders present safety skills to 9-12 year old kids that will be helpful when they are home alone or during an emergency situation. The topics include: emergencies, basic first aid, tricky people & phone/door safety, routines and siblings, internet safety and street smarts. The R&D team has been putting a lot of effort and volunteer hours in this initiative since June 2019, and now they’re finally experiencing the result of their work and dedication.

The presentations kept the kids engaged and everything ran smoothly, except for some technical difficulties in the beginning. The kids approached the content information positively and always wanted to ask questions or know more. They were pretty interested and paid attention throughout the entire training. The parents were pleased and some of them even surprised that so many high school teenagers were part of such a remarkable and impactful project. The leaders themselves did a great job on running the event and making sure everything went right. If it weren’t for their awesome presentations, this project would not go as well as it did. Overall, it was a beautifully organized and successful event.

“You guys were rocking it! Incredible! I’m so proud of you,” Mrs. Celia Dorsch congratulated the H2O leaders after the event.

For those who are interested, HOME ALONE is holding three more events in the near future, the earliest one being on January 29th. All families are welcome. There is a $15 fee, but financial aid is available. Don’t forget to register as soon as possible because spots are filling in.