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    Zion Williamson = ROTY?


    The NBA Season is halfway over, but for Zion Williamson it is just starting. After his heavy injury in the NBA preseason, he finally was able to get back on the court last Wednesday to play against the San Antonio Spurs.

    The New Orleans Pelicans fans were happy to hear that the Coach of the Pelicans let Zion Williamson debut as a starter of the team. Zion needed some time to get in the game at first.

    The first 3 quarters he played alright and could get a few rebounds and assists. In the 4th quarter he totally went off in the game and scored 17 points for the Pelicans. He ended up having 22 Points 3 Assists and 7 Rebounds. He had a Field Goal percentage of 72.7%.

    The most impressive part about that night was how good he did behind the three point line. He scored 4 of 4 three pointers he threw. Before the season started, everyone was hyped to see where Zion will end up, and how good he really is going to be.

    When he got picked as first overall by the New Orleans Pelicans, the fans of the Pelicans couldn’t believe their luck. Zion Williamson is predicted to be the next LeBron James of the league. Right now it’s not sure if he is even going to be the ROTY (Rookie of the year). He still has a chance to get this award but it’s going to be hard.

    I asked the local resident Eric Childers, if he thinks that Zion can win the ROTY award. He answered, “I still think that it’s very possible for Zion to win the Rookie of the year reward this year. But only if he keeps performing like he did in the last game.”

    Whether he will win the ROTY award or not, is still very unclear, but when he stays healthy and shows what he is capable of, I think he can win it for sure.

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