The youth of Lakewood unite in their first Youth Council meeting

The youth of Lakewood unite in their first Youth Council meeting

Johana Guci

January 22nd was the first day The Lakewood Youth Council met for the year 2020, buckled up with new members and important topics to discuss. The Lakewood Youth Council is ready to bring community change and establish a presence in Lakewood.

This organization aims to provide a voice for youth in the community. The young people of Lakewood need a place where they can engage with topics regarding safety and development, and The Lakewood Youth Council is the ideal place for them to find themselves and collaborate in order to achieve their goals. Furthermore, it focuses on diversity, with the purpose of representation of every minority group in our community.

First, the members brainstormed on how are they going to reach the youth of Lakewood, or in other words, how they are going to get input on what should be improved in Lakewood today. Soon they realized that the challenge would be reaching out to private schools, since public schools are already highly involved and have connections with The Lakewood Youth Council. 

“We want the Council to represent young residents not only from public schools, but also from private schools or even homeschooled students, because they are still part of Lakewood,” Olivia Patterson, chair of the Youth Council commented.

Some of the ideas proposed by the members were sending representatives from the Youth Council to the private schools, asking guidance counselors to let the Lakewood students know about the Council, sending a mass email with a Google Form asking what should be improved in Lakewood or putting a suggestion box in certain classrooms for the same purpose.

The last topic they touched upon was the notorious dress code. The main complaint was the fact that more often than not, teachers humiliate students when they are wearing something that is considered inappropriate for school, and that is making a lot of students very uncomfortable. That is very unfair and action should be taken as soon as possible.

Meetings are open to the public, so anyone who is interested can come and listen to what they have to say. Meetings are going to be held every fourth Thursday of the month.