Alex Blinky

Alex Blinky

Caden Stanuch

Alex Blinky is a Junior at Lakewood High School. Blinky is on the varsity hockey yeam, preparing for their Division Championship game. I decided to ask him a couple questions to better understand what its like on the hockey team.

What is your role on the hockey team?

“I am a defender on the team. My job is to make sure that the opposing team has as few shots on goal as possible. I am also a team captain so I have to make sure everyone is doing their job to ensure that we have success.”

How are you personally preparing for your championship game?

“I have stopped going to the weight room for the week to make sure that I am not sore for the game. I am running drills to improve my reflexes and speed on the ice. The day before the game I do nothing physical and make sure I am well rested so I can perform at my best.”

What’s it like being a student athlete?

It’s challenging but rewarding. There is a lot of work that goes into both school and hockey, and when you combine the two you end up with a very packed schedule. But at the end of the day, I love hockey and I wouldn’t want to ever stop playing.