The Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus Outbreak

Adam Schraibman

The Coronavirus is a upper-respiratory virus that originates in camels, civets, and bats. It is uncommon that it is transferred from animals to humans but in Wuhan, China a strain must have mutated and transferred from meat of one of those animals and spread to a human host. The first case was in December 2019. The market in which it is believed to have originated from was shut down and the city is somewhat under quarantine with military outposts checking for symptoms in people coming in and out of the city.

What is the Coronavirus? It is a upper-respiratory affecting virus which means its symptoms are similar to the common cold but can be fatal. The severity and lethality depends on the host’s immune system failing which then leads to pneumonia, kidney failure, and sometimes death.

We already know somethings about the Coronavirus because there are two other strains that were able to cross species and affect humans and they are SARS and MERS. SARS affected the world in the 2000’s and also started in China before hopping to a dozen other nations before being stopped in 2003 and was spread through close contact with another person.

Where in the world is it? Unfortunately the virus has already spread across the world. In China there is about 571 cases in 25 provinces but it has also gone to other nations like Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. It was also spotted in a single isolated case in the U.S. but officials have said that man is now healthy.

Should I be worried about the Coronavirus? So far all governments involved have already planned in case these kind of situations occurred. They have been able to track down each case to a very specific spot in which each person was treated and will hopefully recover. These cases have since been isolated as the governments work together to cure the disease or figure out the origin of the virus.