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    Bose Audio Glasses


    One of the most fun and newest technologies that have recently come out are the Bose audio glasses.  These are sunglasses with speakers built into the side of the glasses and point towards your ears so you do not have to have anything in or over your ears. 

    The glasses also have a microphone in them which allows the user to access the “hey siri” feature for the iPhone or other mobile assistants for other phones.  Another great feature of these glasses is they block 99% or UVA or UVB rays. While you can wear these in the sun you can wear them up to 12 hours at a time without the battery dying.  These have not been on the market for very long and have everyone going crazy. Along with all these great features you are able to be over 30 feet away from your phone and still get great quality sound.

      The price point for these audio glasses is around $200 but you really get a cool device for that price. Also almost everyone who buys a pair of these gives it a great review along with talking about how durable they are. 

    These would be a great purchase for someone in Lakewood for anytime during the year. For the winter when the sun is shining and glistening off the snow and shining in your eyes or when you are at the beach over the summer and want to give your eyes a break away from the sun and listen to some fun music. When speaking to senior Jake Wright he said ” I’m one of the top anglers around here and I think I’ll need to try these for my next fishing trip.”

    These would be a great purchase for anyone who loves music, likes to go outdoors or even drives a lot. These glasses can also be found at nearly every electronic store or online.

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