Siwita Ali Shah

Siwita Ali Shah

Johana Guci

Siwita Ali Shah is a very special Lakewood High School senior. In 2016, she left her home country Afghanistan and moved here in the United States for a better life and education. Even though she has been living here for only four years, she’s still thriving by participating in numerous clubs and organizations.

What are your plans after finishing college?
“My plan is to go to college and get my associate degree in criminology at Tri-C. I want to study criminology because I have always wanted peace in the world. But, unfortunately, I have seen so many wars in my country and such unfair things happening to people I know. So, I’ve decided to take this initiative and try to protect people.” 

Was it hard adapting to a new environment after leaving Afghanistan?
“Yes, it is always hard to move, especially if you don’t know the language. I had some problems at first because my English was not so good, but now I’ve learned it and it’s easier to communicate. Moving completely changed my life, but now I feel so much better about everything.”

What are you involved in?
“I’m part of Girls Facing History Club, H2O, National Honor Society and most importantly I’m the secretary of The Lakewood Youth Council. The goal of the Youth Council is discussing problems that concern the Lakewood community, and then finding a good solution that satisfies everyone.”

What has been your favorite class here at Lakewood High?
“In my opinion, the best class is definitely Writing for College. I highly recommend it, especially if you are an EL student. Such a helpful class! It improved my reading, writing, and it made me feel more confident with my English.”

Do you have any advice for immigrant students attending LHS?
“Don’t give up! It is okay if you don’t know the language! So many good people will be there for you and help you out! Even if things seem difficult at first, do not worry because with hard work, everything is possible.”