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    Anti-fa plans a massive Anti-Police movement in the subways of New York


    On Thursday January 30th a Anti-fa backed social media account posted a video of three of it’s members wearing masks and black clothing, in this video it showed members vandalizing public property and doing things like jumping subway turnstiles. The purpose of the video was to rally together members and supporters of the group and take their stand against the law enforcement and transit fares.

    ” We encourage you to link up with your friends, your family, and think of ways you can move in affinity to build and f—- sh– up on Jan 31st all day long.”

    “The mood for Jan 31st is simple: f— your $2.75. No cops on the MTA, free transit, no harassment period and full accessibility. F–k the Police.” – One of the masked individuals in the video.

    The NYPD is fully aware of these plans and has warned the public to be cautious. Their social media account on twitter had posted a a comment with the video underneath it urging the public to pay attention to this event. ” This is the true endgame of the anti-police movement, an end to all policing and destruction of public order.” They also stated that some individuals have spent and in some cases even given their lives to ensure public safety.

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