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    Zach Vuyancih

    Zach Vuyancih

    Zach Vuyancih is a sophomore who attends Lakewood High School. He currently plays on the Lakewood High School hockey team. Zach is focused not only on hockey but as well as schoolwork. He was asked the following questions about himself and hockey:

    How long have you been playing hockey?

    “I have been playing for two years.”

    How did it feel when you scored your first goal?

    “It felt really good.”

    What is your favorite part about playing for Lakewood?

    “My favorite part about playing for Lakewood is that I get to represent my school in more than one way.”

    Do you hope to play hockey after high school?

    “I do hope to continue playing. Maybe on a club team in college or something like that.”

    What made you want to play hockey?

    “I have always loved the game. When I was younger, I wanted to play, but I think my parents thought it was more of a phase. So when I asked to play last year, that’s when they allowed me to.”

    How has the season gone for you and the team?

    “Our record is 18-9. We are doing really well. We have a pretty good chance at winning the Baron Cup, and possibly making it far in the state tournament. We have a strong team and I think as long as we are focused we can do some pretty cool things. The days we aren’t as focused, that’s caused some of our losses, but when we do everything right, we are really strong.”

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