The Melt

The Melt

Alexander Schulz

The Melt was founded by a Cleveland Musician. The Melt is famous for its craft beer and grilled cheese sandwiches. The restaurant is in the middle of Lakewood on Detroit Ave. The Melt is one of the best Restaurants you can find in Lakewood.

The one in Lakewood is one of 13 Melt restaurants you can find in Ohio. The Lakewood Melt is considered the “Flagship” location and was built in September 2006. Inside of the Melt it is really comfy but often very crowded which is a good thing but sometimes it gets a bit loud.

They have a wide selection of food you can get. On the Melt menu you find everything you ever wanted and even more. They have something for everyone even if you don’t eat meat or animal products. The Melt actually has a big selection of Vegetarian and Vegan food options and it still tastes really good. You can almost get every Sandwich without meat.

If you haven’t been to the Melt yet you should definitely try it with or with or without your friend or family. The Melt can be kind of pricy sometimes but its definitely worth it. The Food has a high quality and tastes really good. Of course, everyone likes different things but it’s worth trying.

The Melt is the perfect place to go for Valentine’s day or just normal Dates with your better half. The servers are very nice too and do a really good job at fulfill your wishes. And of course, they are very happy to see a good tip for their work too.