Aaron Gordon Got Robbed

Aaron Gordon Got Robbed

Caden Stanuch

The 2020 NBA All-star weekend saw a lot of memorable moments. The All-star game was seen as the best All-star game in years due to its competitiveness, something that has been sorely lacking in previous All-star games.

This years slam dunk contest was also seen as the best slam dunk contest in NBA history, with a memorable dunk happening on seemingly every turn. The finalists of this years dunk contest were Derrick Jones Jr. and Aaron Gordon. Gordon was the obvious favorite in this bout, and it seemed as though that his win was secured after he jumped over Tacko Falls and slammed the basketball home.

Tacko Falls is the tallest player currently in the NBA, and with Tacko standing at 7’5 feet without shoes, jumping over him was no small feat. But, due to some questionable decision making by the judges, Gordon only scored a 47 out of 50 for the dunk, causing him to lose the competition. Everyone, including Gordon himself, was stunned by the decision.

Gordon believes that he should have won the trophy, and is uncertain whether or not he will compete in the dunk contest again.

Jozsef Sundem, a religious fan of the NBA, believes that the trophy should have gone to Gordon. “Nobody has ever done that dunk, ever. Gordon was doing things never before seen and its a shame that the judges took that for granted.” Fans across the league are disappointed with the decision, and he all hope that Gordon will decide to participate in the dunk contest next season.