Should the wrestling room be larger?

Should the wrestling room be larger?

TaJon Short

We all know that wrestling isn’t the most popular sport at our school, due to the strenuous practices and busy scheduling many people don’t join the sport. However does that mean the wrestling room should be as small as it is?

Being a wrestler myself I find that the practices can get quite cramped at times, it gets quite annoying with everyone rolling, and flopping around bumping into one another during drills. Even when we do our sprints we have to dodge one another or wait a second or two to prevent any accidents.

It doesn’t even have to be made that much bigger, honestly I’d say it only needs to be 6-7 ft wider than it currently is. Just enough to where there is a little extra room for us to be able to wrestle without worry of hurting yourself or others in a collision of sparring partners

Now don’t be mistaken it’s a very nice room, it has some pull up bars and shelves for us to use if we want or need to. The room also has a speaker that we get to use sometimes if our coach allows it. The room is also very warm nearly 24/7 which is great for working out.

Despite these good qualities I still firmly believe the room should be a little bit bigger so we have room to wrestle without the dangers of colliding with other sparring teammates.