Hologram Tour for Whitney Houston

Hologram Tour for Whitney Houston

Chloe Fielder

Whitney Houston, an American artist and actress. Houston has been awarded the most female artist by Guinness World Records. Her music still is one of the best selling worldwide. Houston died on February 11, 2012 due to a Coronary artery disease. Since her death, many memorials and tribute have been made for the artist.

Music and movies starring Whitney Houston include “The Body Guard,” Disney “Princess Diaries,” and “Sparkle.” One of her are known as “I Will Always Love You,” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” As of today, Houston is remembered and honored for the great work she has done.

February 25, comes Hologram for Whitney Houston? This has already been making many people concerned on how it appears to sound. It may seem pretty interesting and pretty creepy at the same time. The singer has been dead since ’12, and tour performances are set for February 25, in the UK. The thought of audiences watching her but not actually Houston because she has been dead, it what makes it all creepy.

So what are people or audiences watching if the Whitney Houston is not literally present today? According to the Los Angeles Times, a hologram of Houston was created a few years after her death at the age of 48.

“I think that it is quite interesting that live shows of a not-so Whitney Houston are a thing. I was familiar with very few songs of her. For people that loved her, should be able to enjoy what this may become,” says Taylor Fisher, a sophomore who attends Lakewood High School.