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    Tru Smith

    Trus school picture
    Tru’s school picture

    Tru Smith is a stellar athlete, and competes at the varsity level in diving and tennis at Lakewood, he also ran cross-country this year. In the past, he has wrestled and played football. Out of all of those, he says the one he most enjoys is tennis. This year he is the varsity tennis captain and was the only member of the diving team. He has been a very successful athlete at Lakewood high school and has taken advantage of the many athletic programs our school has to offer. After he graduates this spring Tru intends on joining the navy. Tru answered the following questions:

    Q:What activities do you enjoy outside of sports?

    A: I enjoy no activities outside of sports. Maybe bullying freshman.

    Q:How do you balance sports and schoolwork?

    A:School is not hard, so it’s not hard to balance sports and school.

    Q:How do you train for athletics/what do you do outside of practice to standout?

    A: For tennis I practice at the high school courts, against the wall, and with a former student. I also work out at the YMCA.

    Q:What advice do you have for other athletes?

    A:I would tell other athletes to stop being egotistical little bums and buck up so we can beat these private schools.

    Q:What is it that you enjoy about sports?

    A:I enjoy each sport in its own right.

    Tru has volunteered 80+ hours with H2O (Help to others), a big part of his high school life has been helping the community, and making it a better place to live. He is a good student, and a hard worker. In the summer he works as a life guard at the public pool working upwards of 50 hours a week. He also saves a lot of his money not even allowing him self to often purchase things for sports, but he doesn’t that turn into a disadvantage, because he continues to work hard with what he has. He intends on using his savings to help build his life when he gets back from the navy.



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