Too cold in the School ?

Too cold in the School ?

Joey Simmons

Many teachers need to start increasing the temperatures in many of the classrooms during the winter.

This has been an issue for as long as I have been here. Since sophomore year I’ve heard students constantly have complaints when they walk into class about how cold it is. This may seem like an insignificant problem and students may complain it’s too hot as well.

The majority of what I hear on a day-to-day basis though is that the classroom is too cold, and although little a small change could also make a big difference in the comfort of students. Most classes are fine but many teachers have rooms that are sitting at 60 degrees, and after coming inside from the freezing temperatures from outside the last thing they want is to sit in a cold room for 40 minutes especially when many students have to walk to school in the morning.

It is easy to deal with a room being too warm, you simply just need to wear something lighter such as a t-shirt. The same cannot be said for when it is too cold, there are many students who may not be able to afford a warmer jacket or they may just want to be able to go to class in a t-shirt without worrying about having to be cold.

When it’s close to the summer, whether it be August or May, the temperature is always good, during the long winter months though many students despise the cold. Our concentration on our school work could also greatly improve if we were cozier during school. It would also help students feel less crabby and tired in the morning if they were greeted with a warm room rather than a cold one.

“I just wanna be able to wear short sleeves without freezing” – Bella Segreto.

“I can’t go to school wearing a cute skirt without my legs being cold” – Kailey Miller.