More Winter Weather

More Winter Weather

Mallory Moorman

Spring is just around the corner. Or so many of us in Lakewood thought. This week came along to prove us very wrong, and as we hear it will continue to prove us wrong, that spring may be further than we hoped for.

Starting on Wednesday night the rough weather hit us. It continued all through the night. Some of it was wet and didn’t stay, but much of it did.  So we all woke to car, sidewalks, and driveways covered. Sadly though we still had school. The snow continued Thursday evening and night, and we still had a full week of school and work. In fact Lakewood has not had one snow day yet, while many around us have.  Many students find it interesting because we are very much a walking community.

Schools, businesses, and some citizens put down salt to make the walk easier for kids without rides.  But there was still a good amount of snow to make the walk unpleasant. Talking with freshman Maddie Kratz she complained, “If I wasn’t lucky enough to have a ride I would not go many days because this snow is too much.”

The weather is supposed to stay like this through the weekend. For those who have already put away their winter stuff , you may want to get it back out. While knowing the Cuyahoga, we know that it is very possible that these cold days could take over our spring.

We still stay hopeful though. Hoping the sun comes out again, and the Lakewood community becomes the walking community it is again.