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    Rocky River Fire


    On the 23 of February, a Rocky River apartment building caught on fire. The fire was so big that the police even had to close a part of the I-90 highway. The fire was visible from as far as Euclid. What caused the fire is unclear at the moment.

    The fire does not appear suspicious, so investigators do not believe it was arson but it could take a pretty long time until the authorities can determine what caused the fire. The fire got so big because the apartment building was in construction and didn’t have any water sprinklers and as good as no drywall so the wood framework was directly exposed to the fire.

    The apartments in the building would’ve costed from $335,000 to $550,000. According to the developer’s website, The only things remaining of the building were the elevator shafts and stairwells. Thankfully no one was hurt during the Apartment building fire.

    I interviewed a local Lakewood Student Evan Wheeler, who saw the fire, because I wanted to see what he thinks about the whole situation. He said, “The fire was really big and scary. There was so much smoke, everything around the building was just black. The fire really annoyed me because I was stuck on I-90 for quite some time, and nothing moved. I’m surprised but very glad that nobody got hurt during the fire.”

    Of course a fire this big is always scary, but at the end of the day, nobody got hurt. Now the company who owns the almost completely burned down building, has to see how they’re going to deal with it.

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