The Madison Branch Library is renovating

The Madison Branch Library is renovating

Johana Guci

The Main Branch of the Lakewood Public Library is where most of our residents seek out books, films, and magazines, which makes the Madison Branch of the library feel forgotten and left in the dark. But the days of a lonely Madison Branch are over since Madison Branch is being renovated soon. $2.9 million are going to be invested in this project, which is also going to include an additional driveway on Madison Park land. It is high time for this library to get a fixer-upper and become a more popular attraction site of the city.


“This plan better integrates Madison Park and the library,” Lakewood Mayor Meghan George says. “It’ll provide better pedestrian access from the pool and playground. I’m thrilled to see this investment in our community.”


The city council is considering the maintenance of a 30-foot buffer around the parcel. Not only this, but it’s also going to improve vehicular safety and pedestrian safety, which is going to make the site safer for the public. According to, the library will be adding a significant amount of landscaping and they’re making a connection to the playground from the backdoor of the library, which is a really good idea that our residents will probably like. The park and the library are going to be seen as one big campus, and the renovation is going to bring nothing but an improvement to their harmony.


I asked my friends if they thought renovating the library was a good idea, and here’s Emma Owens’ response:

“Of course! Libraries, as one of the few public spaces one can exist without the expectation of spending money, are essential to communities they provide. Any investment into a library system, whether it is creating a new branch or renovating an older one, is absolutely worthwhile and valuable to our community.”


The project will start this spring, with the Madison branch expected to soon move to a temporary location. The renovations will quite likely finish in early 2021. Hopefully, this will attract new readers to the building and make this branch just as popular as the main one.