Primary Elections


Jonas Evans

This Saint Patricks Day, registered voters can vote for their choice of democratic primary candidates. There are only 4 democratic candidates still running and 2 republicans. President Trump has little to no chance of losing the primaries to William Weld, the other republican candidate running for office. However the democratic is a tight race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Both Mike Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race this week. Bloomberg had spent an estimated 250 million in advertising.  Many students are excited to see Bloomberg out of the race due to his frequent ads “annoying them” Mason Ivanskas, a student at Lakewood High, said, “I don’t like his ads.” Bloomberg is now endorsing Joe Biden, along with Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, in attempts to slow down Bernie Sanders, a far more ambitious and extreme candidate. Sanders wants to adjust taxation, centering it around making rates higher for the rich and using funds for college tuition of citizens, medicare for all, and free internet for all.

Weld has made attempts at attacking Trump for his sexual assault allegations, of which he has had over 17 reported. Biden is facing at least 8 himself. Many states democratic primary results are showing an array of candidates pulling ahead, but Biden is pulling ahead in more states than any of the other democratic candidates. Even still, it is very likely that President Trump will serve another 4 years in office, but it is possible Biden or Sanders may beat him. However, it will most likely be Vice President Biden (served under Barack Obama) if anyone. As of March 5th, democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren is no longer running. She has yet to choose who she will endorse.