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    Italy’s Stand Against the Corona Virus

    Italys Stand Against the Corona Virus

    With the Coronavirus spreading across the world at a very rapid rate, countries and their governments are scrambling to try and find a way to slow the disease. The country of Italy has come up with a very interesting way to try and stop the spread of the virus. Italy has banned all Series A soccer games from having an attending audience to the game in order to try to avoid large groups of people congregating in one specific area.

    With the disease being easily spreadable, this seems like a very reasonable cost. It is imperative that one tries to stay away from large groups of people in order to minimize their chances of contracting the disease. With soccer being Italy’s leading sport, the games are always packed with fans. An arena with thousands of people is not the safest place to be if you are not trying to get sick.

    Completely banning people from attending allows people to be more separated and makes it easier to identify and quarantine any sick people. Sadie Tabor, a student at Lakewood High, agrees with the safety precaution. “This is a very serious disease, and if we don’t take actions to try and prevent its spread, it will continue to more populations around the world.”

    With the virus now located in countries all around the world, it is important that we keep our health in the back of our minds.

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