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    Biden takes lead over Sanders


    We started out with 28 in the pool, 28 democrats looking to win the nomination an the chance to take down Trump in this years presidential election. It didn’t take long to eliminate the weak ones, however up until a couple weeks ago, there was still a strong group of 6, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Mike Bloomberg were the notables. Recently: Warren, Klobuchar, Peter, and Bloomberg have dropped out due to low polling numbers and poor performances on Super Tuesday, and many have endorsed Biden over Sanders.

    With just two candidates remaining and many states having already voted, the race is at its peak. The Democratic party has seemed to favor Biden for the nomination due to his heightened ability to get moderate votes, with Sanders being so polarized in his policy. Despite this, Sanders has performed very well in polls and in the early stages of the primaries and has a strong and passionate backing in the young adults block of voters.

    Ohio’s primary is on St. Patrick’s day, the 17th of March. Ohio is not only an important state in the presidential election in the fall but also in the primary elections as it gives a wide range of voting tendencies that often reflect the vision of the country as a whole.

    I asked Lakewood High Senior and registered voter Sean O’Donnell his opinion on the issue: “I think it is foolish for the democratic party to become separated on this issue while the main task to defeat Trump together.” Wise words from an AP Government student.

    It will be interesting to see who makes a run in the end for the Democrats and secures the nomination. Whoever you’re pick is: Bernie or Biden, make sure to get out and vote!

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