GV Art and Design

GV Art and Design

Ayden Wacker

Coming up with and idea and executing it is extremely difficult for most people, but not for George Vlasic and Grieg Vlasic. These two men started a company with nothing but an Etch A Sketch and a mind full of ideas.  These two men were able to create their own clothing store in Lakewood called GV Art and Design, and have had nothing but success since it started.

Both of these entrepreneurs went to Lakewood High School when they were younger. They excelled in school, especially in art. After graduating, they attended college for a few years, and then realized it wasn’t for them. After realizing this, they had the idea to put both of their art skills to use.  They took out a loan, and bought a spot on Detroit, and began their journey.

In 2016, after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the finals and the Indians made it to The World Series, GV Art and Design’s income exponentially grew. They came up with clever slogans for the t-shirts, showed off their Etch A Sketch skills, and continued to do their thing. Eventually they made enough money to buy the empty property across the street that was much bigger.

When asked what he feels about GV Art, Riley Ulintz, a student at Lakewood High School, said, “One time I was walking down the street and happened to see this place called GV Art and Design. I was curious as to what they sold, so I went inside. The inside of it was amazing, and ever since then I just continued to buy shirts from there every year.”

GV Art and Design began because two people decided to put their skills to use. Clearly it was a good decision because of how much of a success they have become. It’s not a big store, and it’s not worldwide, but it represents Lakewood very well. To the Lakewood people this place is more than just a clothing store.