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    Lakewood’s Crushing Defeat

    Lakewoods Crushing Defeat

    Lakewood High School’s basketball program was flying through the competition this year. With one of the most promising records in years, our school was one of the favorites to win the district tournament. Unfortunately, after winning three games to get the the district championship, we lost in a crushing defeat to Lorain county, effective sending us home for the season.

    This isn’t the end though. This season was a great learning experience, and I am confident that we will continue to improve in the sport. Every loss is a learning experience, and it is important to make adjustments from this season, and grow as a team.

    Pete, a small forward on the high schools team, had this to say. “It is disappointing that we lost this year. Every year you always want to be the best you can be. But, this was a great learning experience and we will come back better next year. If we continue to improve, I am confident that we can win it all.”

    There are high hopes for the school’s team next year, and I am confident they will deliver.

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