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    Emma Hirsch

    Emma Hirsch

    Emma Hirsch is a senior at LHS. A girl’s soccer captain, an orchestra member, and president of the Lakewood chapter of National Honor Society, Hirsch plans to attend Ohio University next year to major in psychology. During this difficult time, I sent her a message to see how she has been dealing with all of the changes brought about by the coronavirus.

    How is remote learning going?

    Remote learning is a crazy adjustment! I think it’s easy to keep up if you give yourself the time to do it every day, but it’s something that takes a lot of patience and motivation because you don’t have a teacher or classmates who are going through it with you and keeping you on task.

    What has been the weirdest thing about “quarantine”? What have you been doing to stay busy?

    The weirdest thing about quarantine is how all the days seem to blend together. I’ve been trying my hardest to stay busy and do simple things like go on walks outside to make it feel as normal as possible!

    Do you think other people your age are taking COVID-19 seriously enough?

    I think that a lot of people my age are taking COVID-19 seriously because it has personally impacted students on a large scale by changing the way we learn and has dramatically changed our last few months of the school year. However, I think some kids are still in the mindset that they are invincible, and I hope that soon enough everyone will begin to focus more on the precautions and steps they are taking to ensure the safety of not only themselves but everyone they could be affecting with knowing it.

    How do you think living through this time will affect your future?

    I think living through this time will have a major impact on our future. For students and adults alike, going back to school or work in the coming months will feel odd and it will take time to get back into the flow of regular daily life. No one knows how long this will last, and it will affect our future by making us think differently about how to prepare for and prevent such confusion and pandemics to spread in the future.

    Do you think this will affect our society in any major way (besides economically)?

    I think this will make our society more cautious and informed about the impact of participating in safety measures for the good of everyone. I’m the case of social distancing, I think this pandemic has made everyone more selfless and more aware of the well-being of their peers, and in the future we will understand just how important it is to take the steps to prevent or lessen the impact of such a tragedy before it is too late.

    Do you think we will see another pandemic in our lifetime?

    I’m not sure if we’ll see another pandemic in our lifetime. It is crazy to think that a lot of us living right now are going through this experience for the first time, and we are all confused and worried. Such an impactful tragedy as a pandemic is rare, and I don’t think anyone expected that one would occur during their own life because we assume that something as sad as this COVID-19 pandemic would never happen to us, and it is something we have to grow used to.


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